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Q:Dead Bolt Lock (power to lock) (SL-100 series) body is hot.

A:Power is always on when it is locked. Power is off when the door is opened. Temperature around 50℃ of the unit is considered normal. 

 Q:Dead Bolt Lock does not function after installation.
 A:Check power supply (DC12V, current 1A and above). Please check if the direction of the template is being installed correctly.
 Check both dead bolt lock and reader’s points (N.O or N.C).

 Q:Lock will open when force is applied on the reader (e.g. Hitting hard or vibrating the reader).
 A: Please check all the connections. Reader's N.C. points might strike immediately when force is being applied on it. This eventually causes the fail-safe type of lock to open when sudden power cut occurred. 

 Q:Insufficiency of magnetic adhesion when magnetic lock is installed.
 A: Please check power supply (12V or 24V) of magnetic lock.Please check power voltage and current (min. 12V/2A).  
 When installing magnetic lock, please make sure that rubber washers are not too tight which caused the unit unable to adhere tightly with the armature.

 Q:Types of doors suitable for installing strike lock.

 A: Suitable for all 90º wooden, aluminum, and stainless steel doors. The strike lock has to accommodate with door knob with latch. Both types of fail safe (power to lock) and fail secure (power to open) depending on users' requirement.

 Q:Types of doors suitable for installing deadbolt lock.
 A:Suitable for all 90º -180º wooden, aluminum, stainless steel, and emergency doors.Brackets will need to be used depending on the spot. Please click Accessories.