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New Electric Bolt Lock

2010-05-13 00:00:00

Electric Bolt Lock
Production Description:
Lochen's high quality electric bolt lock designed to support access control system for public safety precaution. The series lock are made of stainless steel, can withstand the impact force of 800kg-2000kg without deforming and damaging the electric mortise lock.
The electric latch using chip control energy consumption, make the lock has stable low-temperature working condition and longer life. High temperature drive lock cylinder and aluminum alloy panel oxidized paint handling, so that the electric lock is fine and luxurious, light weight appearance. Photoelectric control technology is to prevent mechanical failure.
Ultra-low temperature design, safer and more durable. The series electric locks are exported to European and American markets, it’s very popular there because of the high-quality.
1. Power on to lock, power off to unlock.
2. Working voltage :12VDC current consumption:120mA(start instantly 900mA at work)
3. Comes with door detection circuit and the lock cylinder detection circuit, for the user to detect and monitor working state of the door and the lock.
4. With the access control system, can be installed in a variety occasions, glass door, wooden door, steel door and fire door .
5. Jumper of automatically locked delay adjustment, located in the middle of the electric lock, adjust the jumper can change unlocked delay time: 0~9second for choose.